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Featured IG: @elsa_isabella

It has been a while since we featured an Instagram account on NOIRNOTEBOOK. Here we have a selection of Instagram pics from Elsa Isabella. There are some  beautiful and whimsical small-scale drawings, gummy bears, pin-ups, travels, snippets, [...]

Q&A with artist Elisa Malo

I have been following the work of Elisa Malo for some time now and recently asked her a few questions regarding her drawing. Her figures are delightful, cute, bold, cheeky and a little disturbed (in the [...]

Soey Milk: Enfant de Lait

From Soey Milk. Enfant de Lait Acrylic, watercolor and graphite on paper 13″ x 15.75″ [...]

Photographer: Jon Duenas

Here are some beautiful photographs taken by Jon Duenas – www.jonduenas.com Contains some mild nudity (NSFW). All images © Jon Duenas – images used with permission.   [...]

Soey Milk: Artist Interview

Where does the inspiration for your artwork come from? To name a few, from books, the garden, dreams, strange sounds and dusks. How long have you been making art? Since seventeen. Your work has a sensual [...]


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