Submission Guidelines



Written Submissions

  • 75 words +
  • All works need to be original content or cited.
  • Attribution at beginning or end of post (e.g article/photos by Joe Blow)
  • Image source cited where appropriate (screen grabs, etc.)

Image Guidelines

  • No watermarks/logos
  • Attribution at end of post (e.g article/photos by Joe Blow)
  • Images can be entered
  • When uploading fill in all descriptors (name, alt title, etc.) except caption which is optional
  • Add applicable keywords to the images before uploading where possible


  • All required formatting is available at the top of the new/edit post area
  • Use paragraph and headers where needed.

Individually Embedded Images

Embed images directly into the post where required using the upload insert button.

Upload the images at a medium quality when embedding them in the page.

See also


Insert Thumbnail

Avoid using thumbnails if possible. For multiple images use a gallery instead (more below)

Insert Medium





Medium images take up a good part of most screens.

Insert Full Size

Full size will upload at the dimensions at which they were uploaded and will display at the max page or post width (click to enlarge).


Galleries have been playing up with the new theme – so are best avoided for now.


Images Copyright Andrea Olivo  from article –



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