Cosmic Cambodia

I chatted to Julien from Cambodian Space Project regarding art and music and an upcoming exhibition at Newsagency Gallery by Sticky Fingers Art Prints. The gallery will be displaying limited edition screen prints depicting 60s psychedelic Cambodia. Daniel: How [...]

Interview with photographer Daniel Jenkins

I was quite taken by the work of photographer Daniel Jenkins when I came across it and emailed him a Q&A for a bit of an insight into his practice. Here is his response starting with [...]

An Interview with Filmmaker Kate Vinen

Daniel Smith: How did you get in to filmmaking? Kate Vinen: I always loved the power of stories. I remember my mother reading me stories and poems before bed and I was utterly captured by the [...]

Interview with Artist Jonathan McBurnie

Jonathan McBurnie interviewed by Daniel Smith, June 4, 2012 Daniel Smith (DS): When did you start drawing? Jonathan McBurnie (JM): I would have to ask my parents for exact dates, but from what they’ve told me [...]

Soey Milk: Artist Interview

Where does the inspiration for your artwork come from? To name a few, from books, the garden, dreams, strange sounds and dusks. How long have you been making art? Since seventeen. Your work has a sensual [...]

Interview with photographer Andrea Olivo

* Contains some mild nudity* *NSFW* How long have you been taking photographs? I’ve been at it about 12 years now but the real bulk of my work has been done in the last 3 or [...]

Ben Kenning Interview

How long have you been painting for? I’m 28 years old now and have been painting or creating art since I was a toddler, however did not go to study art until the age 23. Initially [...]

Interview with Sydney Artist Emma Kidd

Here is an interview with Sydney artist Emma Kidd speaking about her art practice. More of Emma’s work can be viewed on her website at Have you always drawn? It seems so, from what I [...]

DAg ARt Interview

Interview with two members of the now defunct street art collective DAg ARt of which I was a third member. Amanda Kenneth and Gerant Kenneth discuss the process for a large scale exhibition held at Art [...]


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