Noir Notebook is an online magazine/site based in Sydney Australia that features art, artists, food and music. With no real schedule the site is updated sometimes regularly and sometimes here and there and other times not at all.



—–Daniel Smith——-

Daniel has one million projects (this one included) primarily involving art and photography. More to come..

Art site & photo site.


—–Alfred Ciggers——-

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Alfred Ciggers has just recently started writing for a legit publication. He may one day return to spit his witty truths and vitriol here under his carefully crafted nom de plume but at present is missing in action assumed to be rubbing shoulders with the foodie elite.

Alfred Ciggers has been frequenting restaurants from the age of five and has over 23 years experience in the dining field as a result. He grew up Newcastle performing in a handful of dodgy local theatre productions and a reasonably ordinary band. Working at a comic book store for a few years before moving into health informatics (zzzzzzz) in 2009, Ciggers recently relocated to Sydney where he now performs with a resident bird core band and spends way too much time fixing his hair. He likes art by Rick Amor, eating bread and huffing jars of cloves. He does not like men’s style blogs or the band Bluejuice.

—–Gerant Kenneth——-

The wild man of  YouTube.

—–Shana Dennis——-

I am a very tiny person currently living and studying in Newcastle. I have a keen interest in photography along with other creative things such as bellydancing and making soy tealight candles. I have spent much of my spare time since 2009 reading books, watching and talking about silent films which has lead me to take part in some wonderful silent film events and create some photographic works inspired by the era. I like lots of other things besides silent films but that will all be revealed in time.


—–Bare Pictures——-


Producer/Director: Marnie Vaughn Writer/Director: Kerinne Jenkins
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