2012 Art Featured Issue 2 Noir — 27 November 2012

Artist Lucy Yu’ work is beautifully rendered and delicate. The images exude a certain off-beat charm, a quirkiness.

Here is a little about Lucy’s work in her own words:

Although the tone is usually gentle, and the mood calm, there is something quietly fragmented about the connection between the key figures and the surrounding environment. Yes, harmony and beauty exists in their world, but it is often an unsustainable arrangement, on the verge of a collapse that even these goddess-women and otherworldly creatures will be unable to stop – not by themselves. It is easy to wonder whether our daily gestures make any difference… but it is also worth remembering that even the smallest action, when done by many, can create a wave of unstoppable action.

I believe art appeals most vividly to our subconscious, and I wish for my own artwork to impart an expression of hope. These drawings and paintings are my own wordless prayers; visual reminders for the preservation of the delicate connection between life on our earth.

And a bio:

Lucy was born in Nanning, China, and drew incessantly until she moved to New Zealand just before her 8th birthday. She continued to pursue art, attended university in Auckland, worked as an art gallery assistant, and created many handmade portraits before relocating to Wellington in 2010.

She now lives & creates from lush forested hills overlooking the ocean, and her artwork is influenced greatly by the changing elements, the natural world, and the small intricacies in life.

Have a look at more of Lucy’s work here – www.lucyyu.co.nz


Images © Lucy Yu – used with permission.



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