Art Interview Issue 0 Nudity — 08 February 2012

Soey Milk Art

Where does the inspiration for your artwork come from?

To name a few, from books, the garden, dreams, strange sounds and dusks.

How long have you been making art?

Since seventeen.

Your work has a sensual element. Is that a conscious direction?

Yes. I want my work to be honest.

Soey Milk Art

What is your process for starting a painting? Do you start with an idea, source material, a subject or something else altogether?

I start with a rough idea and do a simple drawing. Then I gather information and reference. When I have everything I need, I do a refined and detailed drawing which gets transferred onto the painting surface.

Do you approach a painting in the same way that you would approach a drawing?

Yes, I put in the same amount of detail and love into my drawings as I would for my paintings, and I render them in the same manner as well.

There is an extraordinary amount of detail in your work. How long would it take you to paint a larger painting?

It might take me weeks or maybe months. But we’ll see how it goes when I actually start on one. (laughs)

What is your blog about?

The initial intention was to keep track of little things I like… But now mostly about my turtle though

What does the future hold for your art?

Maybe slightly bigger pieces, maybe even different type of seductions…


Check out more work below and at Soey Milk’s website.

Nudes drawing moleskine



KOKJI painting

Moleskine drawing

Moleskine drawing RIP

Moleskine drawing pencil

Moleskine Portrait - Soey Milky

Soey Milky Drawing


Soey milk orchid mantis


Interview by Daniel Smith.

All images © Soey Milk, used with permission.


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